25 thoughts on “Documentary: The Football War

  1. Why is it that we’re branded as either Irish or British? I’m a Celtic fan
    and I was born in Glasgow but don’t consider myself Irish and I don’t
    follow any religion. That is pretty much the same for the majority of all
    fans from both sides as well, it’s just the small minority of bigoted twats
    which make it seems this way. The Rangers guy in this video ‘Robert
    Marshall’ is a great example of a bigoted idiot, he hits out with patter in
    other videos like Celtic are all peadophiles, we’re all Irish and we all
    love and fantasise about the IRA, then comes out and says we need to sort
    our political views because we like Palestine? I don’t know if he keeps up
    with the news but how he can support Israel and tell us we’re deluded for
    wanting to show support towards Palestine is beyond me. Also being a Celtic
    or Rangers fan has nothing to do with the referendum, even though i’ll be
    voting yes, plenty of my friends who are Rangers fans will be doing the
    same and plenty of my friends who are Celtic fans will be voting no. Most
    of us aren’t living in this dream world of religion and what happened in
    the past, we’re in the present and are actually opening our eyes to what
    will happen with our country, anyone voting no because of Rangers or yes
    because of Celtic are bigots and should not be allowed a vote.

  2. Got to laugh at Celtics political views, “Irish scots” and Relations to
    Palestinians and Che Gavara? Confused sectarian bigots. 

  3. Wrong, the IRA did not go around and murder protestants for being
    protestants, their were many protestants in the IRA. Im sick off foreigners
    thinking this war is a sectarian war, its not all about religion.

  4. Guy’s statement at the end about not being happy to be Scottish can be
    applied to both sets of supporters and not only Rangers fans, as he was
    making out

  5. Wee bit harsh on ‘Gers at the end. Can Sellick ‘find an identity’ that does
    not involve Ireland?! ‘Gers are Scottish/British period.

  6. Just thought of a solution: ALL Irish descended Catholics in Scotland
    return to their ancestral homelands across the sea, while ALL British
    descended Protestants leave N.Ireland and return to their ancestral
    homelands in Britain.

  7. Yep, there sure was a lot of sectarianism in the Old Firm, pretty much all
    emanating from one side, back when the Old Firm existed. Rot in Piss,

  8. I feel sorry for Celtic, they look like kind of outlaws, but then again I
    don’t support either teams sorry I don’t know what’s going on

  9. It’s a little annoying that they don’t speak clear english. I do understand
    them while watching the documentary, but it’s really annoying, maybe add
    some subtitles. The accent is so huge, it’s harder to understand as a
    foreigner. Great documentary though ! :)

  10. I’m a neutral when it comes to the Old Firm and bigotry but this did seem
    to be a bit one sided toward Rangers shouldering the responsibility for the
    tensions between the clubs. To my eyes, they’re as bad as eachother,two
    sides of the same coin. They both react to goading by further goading and i
    do think the songs sung are done more in banter than anything else ( for
    the majority of both sets of fans). I basically believe they just love to
    wind eachother up, like two brothers do, sometimes it gets out of hand,but
    when it comes to mutual respect(in matters of ex players etc dying) they’re
    united. A lot of these sort of shows like to try and show the Neanderthal
    fan rather than the average fan,it sensationalises it, gets people talking
    about it,sharing it……

  11. The culture of traditional fanatic british football culture is almost
    totally destroyed by corporates, media and establisment. Now that same
    disease is spreading to Continent. 20 years from now on and once so great
    football atmosphere, culture of tribes has murdered globally.

  12. The hypocrisy on both sides is amazing. The Rangers supporter is saying how
    stupid the Celtics supporters are for waving the Irish flag and identifying
    with Ireland, but he supports Rangers and is a “loyalist” who identifies
    with Great Britain and waves the British flag and neither identify with

  13. Can’t wait till Scotland becomes independent just so I can see those
    pouting faces on scummy huns. And will you Celtic fans that claim you’re
    Irish please fuck off to Ireland. Nobody in Scotland wants you or care
    about you. The pair of you’s are a laughing stock to the rest of Scotland.

  14. Do the Scottish forget the wars they had with the English? now you kiss
    their arses? btw there is no British national anthem, that’s the anthem of

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