Celtic Football Vintage Kits Available for Fan Collections

Those who are fans of Celtic football can now add some more vintage kits from their favorite team over the years. They can find a retro collection of Hoops kits available for purchase at the Celtic football’s official site. The traditional home kit of this team has always been in white and green colors. The original design is with horizontal hoops. For instance, most will remember that the original shirt design has been white with black shorts. It was teamed with green and black hooped socks.

The original design dates back to the early part of the 19th century. At that time the club changed its uniform design to vertical stripes. These were in white and green combination. After that, the same design continued for 14 years. It was until the year 1903. This year saw a change in the uniform colors again. That is, the now-existing design was adapted at that time. The Hoops then began to use a badge that was formed in the thirties. It featured a clover of four leaves logo. This was surrounded by the title of the club – The Celtic Football and Athletic Coy Ltd.

The thirties design changed again in 1977. That was when the club crest was introduced on the shirt design. Also, the club included the numbers on the shorts instead of including them on the shirt backs. However, when the Scottish Football League was introduced the shirts had to have the numbers on the back. That was seen when the 1994-95 season started.

Since then there have been many design changes in the shirts, especially for away shirts. These come in many color and design combinations. For instance, in March 2015 a new deal was formed with New Balance, a Boston-based sportswear manufacturer. The jerseys they designed for the 2017-18 campaign were a tribute to Lisbon Lions. Again, in 2020 a five-year deal was formed with Adidas. It was the biggest deal in kit sponsorship that was formed in Celtic sports history. All these designs and more are available for fans to buy for their collection from the club’s official store.