25 thoughts on “Celtic Fans Just Can’t Get Enough (Jelly & Ice Cream) III. Celtic 3 v 0 Them 29/04/12

  1. HAHA Rangers, filthy degenerate scum, a club supported by the most smelly,
    inbred, illiterate, ugly, vermin you could imagine the dirty shites

  2. Rangers Football Club. Accused of everything. Guilty of nothing. Rangers
    now, then and forever. Fuck the haters. We are the People. Rangers till I

  3. Would Celtic really never want to play Rangers again? tbh playing teams
    like dundee and aberdeen and these diddy teams, you must miss this.
    Scotland is incomplete with the derby of glasgows

  4. you are all as bad as each other rangers fans went home that day and beat
    there wife’s Celtic fans went and got drunk then went home and beat there

  5. Oh and btw, Kris Boyd is the most useless waste of space football has
    witnessed! Rangers couldn’t afford his wages but Middlesbrough in the
    Championship could haha

  6. I support Middlesbrough! We took all of Rangers’ and Celtic’s best players
    which speaks for itself whilst talking about Scottish football! Is there
    any point in watching it in the first place?

  7. I’d have to say celtic are quality and scottish football is enjoyable to
    watch the atmosphere is great from Si the Blade ( sheff utd )

  8. Aiden says most Celtic fans want the Ibrox club back. Maybe so. But living
    within their means is how I’d have them back. Otherwise, let them die. 

  9. amazing game, proud I was there, say what ye want about them but yer lying
    if ye say ye don’t miss this fixture, quality goal from Hoops for no.3, tic
    look so sharp here compared to recent times, Hail Hail :-)

  10. What’s the deal with dropping Hixxy’s Toy town at the end of the match?
    Rare to hear a happy hardcore classic get played at a public place unless
    of course at a rave.

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