25 thoughts on “Celtic FC – More Than a Football Team

  1. Hello Mr Green Saint. Your reply to my critical letter is very telling.
    Celtic are a joke team in Europe, and believe me when I tell you they are
    not a name any longer in soccer. European teams relish the name if they
    draw celtic as they know they will proceed in the competition. They have a
    nice fan base, and a stadium that needs very much money to upgrade to
    English standards, but no professional footballersand no Scotch ones that
    any football nation recognises. They could not compete in England and
    certainly not in my country even in the lower league. Their fans make a lot
    of noise though, but honestly….believe me….the team is ‘mucho
    shit.’ Why do you think the Irish managers you had all couldn’t get away
    quickly enough. They knew. We have a scotchman here in our city, and he
    said to tell you that Big Jock Knew also. 

  2. their fans are somehow decent but their way of playing is fucking awful for
    a decade.

    A good Celtic player will never be part of the English PL top 6 clubs.
    That’s a fact. Winning games vs Hibs / Aberdeen or even Dundee can be seen
    as challenging but for those who know about the game a little bit, Celtic
    and the SPL are as bad as Armenian Football League.

  3. Yes, Celtic Bhoy…you are indeed a Pub team in a Pub League. Artmedia
    Bratislava proved that just a few years ago by humping you majestically out
    of the European Championship quals. You mention Liverpool. They also dished
    out another humping to you…6 nil in a friendly. Hooper came to our
    promised land and delivered zero. I know very many Norwich fans who want
    their money back…and they are near the bottom of the best League in the
    World. A big problem for Celtic is that everyone in Scotland supports them
    instead of their own teams…and this is directly responsible for the
    really terrible standard of football there…and Stadiums. If it wasn’t so
    sad it would be a right laugh. The guys in my local watch BT Sport SPFL
    games and call it Soccer Comedy Night (SCN) in the Pub. Honestly, we would
    see a better match featuring Hartlepool. Celtic = Pub Team = Pub League =
    great comedy value though, especially if you’re English!

  4. Hello CapitalBhoy…are you fron Scotia’s capital by any chance? Maybe
    Glasgow has expanded further east than the map indicates. If you are not,
    then which capital are you from? Probably some eastern European state as
    everyone in Scotia supports the Celtic Pub team. There really is no-one
    else now though I guess eh. Aberdeen…now there’s a team in Scotia.
    Mr.Lennon will end up at Brentford, Luton or some other English team…a
    big jump up from this Pub team…and league. Better football too, so he
    will win all round. Pub team stadium now only half full as the ‘punters’
    wake up…to the fact that they have been mugged. 

  5. Celtic FC more than a team that’s right they’re Scotlands paedophile
    machine lol Big Jock Knew lol

    Ronnie Diela hahahahaha
    Hahahahaha Celtic are a fuckin joke

  6. Celtic FC more than a team that’s right they’re Scotlands paedophile
    machine lol Big Jock Knew lol

    Ronnie Diela hahahahaha
    Hahahahaha Celtic are a fuckin joke

  7. Pub Team…Barca proved that. Artmedia Bratislava 5 Celtic 0. Also in a
    previous friendly Liverpool 6 Celtic 0. They are more than a football
    team…they are a MAJOR EMBARRASMENT to Scotland!

  8. Swansea city more than a mans hopes and dreams, A passion made perfect!
    Swansea city est. 1912. I give my life to you my one true love my dreams
    come true the day I’m with you again. Theres only one Swansea city!! And we
    were singing hymns and arias land of my fathers ar hyd a nos!!!

  9. This is what u call a football team fucking brilliant Mon The Hoops !!!!!
    rangers oops club 12 will be wishing they payed their taxes now haha

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