Rodgers optimistic after losing to Bayern Munich

When it comes to winning domestic league titles, Celtic Football Club has been a very dominating force at national level after having won the Scottish Premiership title in successive seasons for the past 7 years. With Rangers demoted to the Third Division because of financial regularities, it hasn’t been difficult for Celtic to keep up their title challenge year after year.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Celtic FC is the club to beat in Scotland. The Scottish Premiership silverware is the top football that there is to win in that specific country and in some seasons it seems like Celtic FC are winning it without much difficulty but it’s a different story in terms of winning top pieces of silverware from all over Europe.

Winning the UEFA Champions League title for example, is something that Celtic has never managed to accomplish. They recently faced off with Bayern Munich and even though the Scottish outfit lost 1-2, Brendan Rodgers appears to be happy as well as optimistic about the future of Celtic FC in relation to the European adventures they might have. To be fair, Bayern Munich are amongst the favourites on the latest UEFA Champions League betting – William Hill have them just behind Paris Saint Germain to take the title in Kyiv in 2018.

“We want to get there playing a level of football that can allow you to go as far as you possibly can. We showed in our performance that we’re improving at the highest level. It’s disappointing, given how well we played, the level of composure and quality, I was very proud of the team. We caused them lots of problems. Individually, they are world class. You get punished at this level, but overall we looked like a proper team and developing at that level. So, many positives from the game.” Brendan Rodgers said.

Celtic FC’s chances of making it past the group stages of the 2017-18 UEFA Champions League are basically over but they do have a chance of representing Scotland in the Europa League. Scottish fans are hoping that Celtic FC can make that push needed in order to start seeing more clubs from Scotland competing and actually winning truly top tier competitions such as the UEFA Champions League.

Where Celtic go from here is an interesting question – and it’s by no means a coincidence that Celtic struggle when they come up against big teams, when they are used to playing such comparatively small teams on a weekly basis. It could be argued that if they faced better teams more often, they might have more of a fighting chance against the likes of Barca and Bayern. Whilst talk of moving to the English Premier League has been dismissed in recent years, the most logical move fowards would be as part of a Northern European Super-League alongside Ajax and PSV, Rosenborg of Norway, and other teams who dominate their provicial leagues.