Celtic FC has appointed a new head chief of recruitment

Brendan Rodgers is charging Celtic FC to their 6th successive Scottish Premiership title and might even be able to do it without losing a single league match as Celtic FC has only drawn 2 matches and won 27 of their 29 opening games of the season.

Celtic FC has been dominating the Scottish Premiership for the past few years and continues to do so. The Scottish club has recently experienced a change in their staff as Lee Congerton was appointed as their new head of recruitment.

Lee Congertonhas worked with a number of football clubs including: Sunderland, West Bromwich Albion, Hamburg and Chelsea. Congerton has served different roles in all of these clubs as the Welshman has had to work as a coach for the youth team of Chelsea, while in Hamburg he served as the Technical Director.

Celtic FC confirmed the addition of Lee Congerton as their new staff member as the Scottish club released a statement which stated:

‘’Lee will have responsibility for the management of the club’s player recruitment function and our scouting operation, including our international scouting network.”

Bredan Rodgers and Lee Congerton have already worked together as they were part of Chelsea’s staff a few years ago, so this will not be anything new for either of them.

Lee Congerton voiced his thoughts in being able to work once again with Brendan Rodgers as the Welshman said:

“I know Brendan well. I know how he works and the quality he aims for. I am really looking forward to working with him again to ensure that we continue to bring the very best to Celtic, and give our fans and players a team they will be proud of.”

Brendan Rodgers used to be the reserve coach of Chelsea a few years ago and during that same period of time, Brendan Rodgers was also working in the staff of the Premier League club and that’s where both of them met and began to work together.