Bertie Auld believes that Celtic should appoint Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane as manager

Celtic legend Bertie Auld has urged the team to appoint managerial duo Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane as manager for the club.

He believes that major changes are needed in the team if they want to compete not only in Scotland but also in Europe.

According to him, Martin O’Neill has the tactical knowledge and awareness to drive the team forward and that Roy Keane will provide the discipline needed to keep the team together and motivated to achieve great things.

However, with both men committed with the Republic of Ireland national team until the end of Euros, it might be difficult for them to get involved with Celtic this season especially with the Hoops participating in the Champions League as early as July.

Bertie Auld has advised however against the fact of signing Martin O’Neill alone as he thinks that there needs to be some sort of balance in the team. He has also urged the Celtic board to release fund for the new manager to rebuild the team.

He wants to see a qualified and talented manager take charge of the team. He believes that Celtic has been regressing during a few years, and that change is needed to bring them to another level. He does not want to see another rookie manager take charge of the team as this can cause fans to stop coming to the stadium.

Auld said that Celtic was poor in the derby game against Rangers and that the players were afraid to commit themselves. According to him, they had stage fright, and they do not commit themselves enough in the game. This allowed Rangers to become confident and take advantage of them.

He believes that Deila is not good enough to manage Celtic, and this is what caused the dissatisfaction with the fans.