25 thoughts on “You’ll never walk alone (Celtic supporters)

  1. I can actually hear the celtic supporters sing the whole song unlike like
    liverpool is all you hear you will never walk alone 

  2. All the haters coming on to see an amazing atmosphere that cant be matched
    anywhere else in the world..This was after the madrid
    bombings..Respect..Hail Hail.

  3. There is new Celtic anthem…”we have no honor we have no shame we get 1-6
    but still in the game!”
    Celtic business club…

  4. Celtic Glasgow new song:
    We have no honor,
    we have no shame,
    we’ve got 1:6 but we’re still in the game!

    Legia !!!

  5. I feel embarrassed fir Celtic fans when I hear them singing Liverpool’s
    anthem. The earliest recording (ie proof) comes from the 60s when Liverpool
    sang it as a direct result if Gerry & the Pacemakers songs being played at
    half time. The first recording of Celtic singing it dates from the 70s.
    This was a result of a string of friendlies against Liverpool where they
    copied the song back home.

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