24 thoughts on “The Differences Between Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers Explained

  1. I posted this video, not to incite any sectarian comments, but in the hope
    that people could learn what it was like back then in the firms/casuals.
    There have been hundreds of comments with sectarian comments and I have let
    all slide as I detest censorship, so nothing has been deleted. Guys just
    get the vid for what it is and have less of the digs at each other please,
    there is no fkin need in 2014 for sectarian shite.

  2. Vote YES parasites. We English do not want to be in a union with you
    left-wing, immigrant loving, Labour voting scum for a moment longer. Vote
    YES Scotlandshire and FUCK OFF.

  3. Celtic think they are Irish, and I dont know where they get that from.
    Theyre Scots who want to be Irish, but where in Ireland is Glasgow?

  4. It’s actually so sad how Celtic fans think there team is good because they
    are dominating a league with no competition and then not wanting rangers
    back in the league when they are losing £10 million a season because of it
    scottish football is fucking shot as soon as rangers get back the better

  5. Not a fan of each club but the casual hooligan culture is gold! You’ll
    never understand us until your one of us

  6. Ignore this rose prick,he obviously hasn’t got a penis as all his time is
    spent trying to annoy us big cocked shaggin aw the time good Scottish
    ppl.haha ya prick go shove sumhin up you’re wee farther ya dafty

  7. The difference is rangers WERE CHEATS,,who broke the law,,went bust owing
    millions to the taxman,,and of course were a team founded on by
    bigots,,Celtic ARE a team founded for the good of ALL,,we dont care what
    faith or colour you are we welcome all ,,oh and by the way danny dyer is an
    utter tool

  8. The hatred between celtic and rangers is so exaggerated in these
    documentaries. They always interview the bigots from each side. I’m a huge
    celtic fan but I also work at ibrox on match days and I can honestly say
    the rangers fans that I work with each week are lovely and only a small
    minority of the fans are absolute nutters and the same with celtic.
    Obviously there’s banter between the fans, but at the end of the day it’s
    the same in all the derbies, whether it be hearts and Hibs here, or
    Liverpool and Everton down South. It’s just over exaggerated to make
    glasgow look like a violent city, when in reality it’s one of the
    friendliest cities in the world, with the nicest people.

  9. If I was in power I would have massive cages built outside football
    stadiums so the hooligans could enter them to fight each other. This way
    innocent bystanders would not be hurt and the costs of policing football
    would drop,also anyone entering the cage would do so at their own risk and
    would have to pay for medical treatment not get it free from the NHS.

  10. These morons should be locked up and the key thrown away they have set
    Scotland back decades throw the animals back to Northern Ireland.

  11. Surprised this mentions anyone other than Rangers and Sellick, they’re the
    only two teams in Scotland anyone else gives a fuck about

  12. Difference between Celtic and Rangers?
    Thats an easy one – Celtic are the current SPL Champions, proud champions
    and still going strong. Rangers were a failed club that went bankrupt and
    are ”no more”.

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