25 thoughts on “Glasgow Central Station! Glasgow Celtic Champions!

  1. infact see to be honest, your not a true celtic supporter if you would let
    a hun say one thing to you and your ready to go and support another team!

  2. i hope you marched to hampden yesterday bigot boy. you’re guaranteed 2
    games at hampden next season if queen’s park don’t win the playoffs.

  3. naw you dont!! and rangers fans class themselves as british not scottish,,
    they even sing songs against the tartan army !! and sing ‘we’ll be watching
    england and so ill you’ yet youve got the cheek to say were not proud to be
    scottish when we are.

  4. different subject,am a tim but whos that snobby cow conmentating,fuckin
    ,bet shes swallied thicker than buckie, cow

  5. ye see Saltires at Ibrox awe the time, whereas at parkhead all u see r
    irish flags. Celtic is a Scottish team, ok uv gt Irish roots but like every
    Scottish person u should be proud o bein Scottish, wave the native flag
    once in a while

  6. no more rangers the taxman he say no! now watch as the players you can sell
    will leave like rats jumpin fra a sinking ship.no more bile hate or titles
    10 in a row here we come

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