25 thoughts on “Celtic FC Ultras

  1. Seeing as I just said I was an atheist, and therefore have nothing to do
    Witt the Catholic Church, your comment isn’t remotely offensive and proves
    that you’re a stupid twat.

  2. I’m from England to and a celtic fan, But anyway it’s because they were
    started by an Irish catholic priest for the poor lower class irish people
    of glasgow to play and watch and support football, So that’s where there
    Irish and Catholic side comes from.

  3. And we now have full confirmation; Rangers Football Club & Company are now
    officially dead & buried. Lord Hodge just given the ruling to be moved from
    Administration into Liquidation. Entered Admin on Valentines Day Entered
    Liquid on Hallowe’en..! Rangers Fans really are Zombie’s now…. =)

  4. ira songs are hardly ever heard at park head! and theres some scotland
    flags in the ground to, were scottish but we are proud of our irish

  5. Great educated comment, where you from? Glasgow? If so I feel sorry for
    you, murder capital of western Europe..

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